There is no one reason why men cheat. There are many reasons for infidelity in men, and here are some of the top ones: 

Affairs Are Good For A Man’s Self-Esteem

For a lot of men, an affair is a way to feel like they are not bad enough for their wives. A lot of men think that their partners don’t appreciate them or respect them enough, and it makes them feel that they are not sufficient. Since that keeps happening, they go out looking for Brisbane escorts who will give them what they need, such as the feeling of being sexy and desirable, instead of trying to keep getting it home.

They often think that if their partners would just acknowledge how great they are and show some love and affection then everything would be fine in their lives.

Men Are In Denial That They Are Unhappy 

Men are less likely to admit they’re unhappy in their marriage, which means they might not get the support they need. When a man is unhappy and decides to seek out an affair, it’s often because he feels unable to communicate his feelings with his partner or doesn’t feel that his needs are being met.

Men may also turn to alcohol, drugs or gambling to deal with relationship issues by drowning them out with bad habits. When a guy indulges in those vices, there probably will be a lot of women around in places like bars and casinos, and they will eventually have an affair. 

The Grass Is Always Greener Mind Trap 

You know the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”? Well, it applies here. Men are more likely to have affairs because they’re looking for something fresh and different from what their significant other provides. 

Men tend to want physical intimacy with someone who is younger or more sexually attractive than their partner. They may also be attracted to women who don’t make them feel inferior or inadequate in some way. 

Women Often Don’t Understand What Men Want

Men are different from women. They need more sex, they want to feel wanted and appreciated, and they want to feel like they are in control of the situation. 

Men also want to feel like they’re adequate in providing for their families and loved ones. If a partner does not understand these needs, it makes sense why a man might be tempted by another woman who does stroke his ego. 

A Man Might Be Constantly Irritated 

Women tend towards emotional intimacy and like talking about feelings and sharing secrets. In contrast, men are only interested in having deep conversations like this sometimes and listening to such talk often may bring about irritation. 

A woman may constantly criticize everything about a man. The usual inclination is to look elsewhere for someone who doesn’t judge him harshly or try so hard to change him by nagging about petty matters or being too emotional.  

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that men have affairs because they’re unhappy with their wives, but can’t admit it, so they make up excuses for why they cheat.